American Yellow Pages - does not remove your personal info

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I found my name, address, and phone number on I did not provide permission for my info to be posted on the site.

I have no idea how my info was obtained. I thought removing my info would be straightforward. I sent an email to and included the URLs and screenshots of where my info appeared. That was almost a month ago and my info has not been removed.

I later sent another email and still have not had a response. I did a Whois search and found another email address that I thought might be helpful: So I sent an email to this address and guess what?

Again, no response. I have to conclude that DOES NOT care about someone's privacy.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Yellow Pages Public Record.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.



Totally agree with you.

I have asked yp state four times to remove my data. I could do without my stuff on the internet, having been hit by identity fraud.

The site owner hides but is quite happy to allow information on the internet which can wreck lives. The site owner is a total

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